The Mustard Seed House

The MSH is a small expression of Christ community in Seattle. Ours is an inter-generational new monastic, intentional Christian community formed people who want to live by the values of God’s Peaceble Kingdom.Our spirituality is partially rooted in ancient Celtic Christianity, with rhythms of work, prayer, hospitality, celebrations and relationships. We do not pretend to be monks or nuns. We want to respect and honor the practices of monasticism, by not taking these ancient traditions for granted.We rather be than do. Therefore we are not big in programs. We honor one another by been present and taking our relationships very seriously.Because there are different levels of involvement and understanding about community, we are in the midst of conversation and prayer in order to live more fully and intentional as a community.We share different responsibilities and expenses around the house. We eat together every Sunday and include an spiritual element to our night. Sunday’s are also a night to check on each other and discuss community related issues. In any given day you can find some of us chatting over coffee or working in our garden, which provide about 60% of the fruits and vegetables we consume. The core group get together frequently during the week to pray, check with each other, plan workdays, work on the garden, drink tea, talk about books, spirituality, Celtic Christianity, politics, art, world events and just hang out.People at the MSH

  • Tom & Christine Sine [Christine blogs at Godspace]
  • Eliacin, Ricci, Catie & Gabriel Rosario-Kilmer [Eliacin blogs at Resiste]
  • Peter & Anneke Geel
  • Plus our extended community of friends

Thoughts and Values

  • For relationships for learning opportunity to experience intentional community (Christ Room)
  • Celebrating New Generation, Life Events, Multicultural Celebrations, Church Calendar, Jewish Celebrations, within the neighborhood
  • Eco-living
  • Green Living
  • Gardening
  • Simplicity
  • Whole-life Spirituality
  • Household Rhythm
  • Household Economics

The Mustard Seed House

  • Pilgrimage

  • Hospitality

  • Celebration

  • nurturing relationships

  • Sustainable Living

  • Rhythm of Living

  • Solidarity with the Marginalized

To learn more about the MSH – read our blog

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