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good food and great company tonight at the Mustard Seed House BBQ



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giving a try


here no more

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I’m moving my blog to:

Please update your bookmarks.

See you there.



a fantastic example of emergence

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2 very different Seattle churches decide to unite

Interbay’s roots stretch back to 1942. Half the worshippers filling its pews are 50 and older. The brick church building features soaring curved beams, amber windows, beige walls and a red curtain covering a baptistery.
  Mike Urban / P-I Interbay Covenant Church member Liz Howell, right, is greeted by Rachel Ellis of Quest Church as the congregations hold their first united service at Whittier Elementary School in Seattle on Sunday. Ellis is engaged to marry Interbay member Karl-Peter Hammersborg, left, in what all members are calling the new church’s first real union.
Quest started in 2001 in a living room with eight people and now attracts hundreds of 20-somethings. They meet in a renovated warehouse that doubles as a coffeehouse and concert venue, with gallery artwork displayed on walls painted burgundy, taupe and mustard.

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Report from the School for Conversion P.1

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Report from the School for Conversion P.1

I made it to San Francisco. I think the place named after Saint Francis is the perfect place to gather a group of people interested in discussing new monasticism.

I am staying in one of the 4 houses owned by Church of the Sojouners. This one is an old style row house, next to what they called The Monastery, because in it’s beginning it’s there where only single guys living on it. But that didn’t last long. There is one more house about a block from here and another one about 8 blocks away.

The group is quite inter-generational, which I was excited to see. I was even more excited when some people in the house started to converse with me in Spanish. This community is located in the Mission District which is mostly a Latino neighborhood.

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Feliz Navidad!

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From Lares, Puerto Rico to the World, Jose Feliciano signs Feliz Navidad!

Have a Merry, Blessed One.


chop suey

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chop suey

Portland, Oregon

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