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Friendship trips vs. mission trips

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Festival of the Imagination

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Tomorrow starts The New Conspirators Festival. I will be blogging with updates and reports from it. So stay tuned.

My wife and I will also be leading a Conspiracy Session about the revolution starting at home in the context of community.

Our friend Mark Pierson is already here (actually sitting across from me in our living room, working on his Mac). Another Mark, my christian anarchist friend, Mark Van Steenwyk will be arriving today in time for community dinner at the Mustard Seed House. Mark is already blogging about the conference, even though it hasn’t technically started yet. Our hospitality room is already full, so we are getting the couch ready for Shane Claiborne.


Monks, Community & Rule of Life

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 Read more about our dreams and vision for Mustard Seed Associates, the Mustard Seed House and the Celtic Community Project

Monks, Community & Rule of Life « Godspace

Yesterday the Boston Globe printed a great article The Unexpected Monks, on the move towards monasticism by many evangelicals. It is something that resonates very deeply with me personally as well as with all of us at MSA. In fact we are in the process of reimagining MSA as a network of communities with a common rule of life. We believe that God calls all of us to embody an incarnational faith in all aspects of our lives but we all need spiritual disciplines that enable us to live that out.

After the New Conspirators conference we plan to spend a extended time fleshing out what our rule of life should look like. Below is an outline I wrote for our Board meeting last Saturday that outlines some of our reasoning on Why Community? Even though we have been working on this for years we feel we are still very much in the early stages and would appreciate your prayers and comments as we move forward. Tomorrow I will post some thoughts on Why a Rule of Life? Lent – the season for reflection and self examination seems a good time to grapple with these issues.

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The Revolution starts at home

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The Revolution starts at home is the title for the workshop my family will be facilitating at The New Conspirators conference, or better yet Festival of the Imagination. Our purpose will be to share a bit of how do we embodied the revolutionary and radical teachings of Jesus in our everyday life at home.  More than been talking heads to the participants, we will engage in mutual invitation for collaboration and creative dreaming on how we become practitioners of Kingdom values as a family.One of the situations I find interesting is how detached we can become from been faithful disciples among those we live with.  As a former missionary and someone who’ve worked with churches and other religious hobby-horses I’ve encounter that in spite of our outward expression of spirituality and piety we can be violent and oppressive in our homes.Because this topic is so broad, we are having bit of difficulty prioritizing out topics for conversation and discussion. Some of them are:

  • Undermining oppression at home (Sexism, racism, patriarchy)
  • Decoding cultural message at home (the power of media, myth of the perfect wife and perfect husband)
  • Living simply with kids
  • Family as part of intentional communities
  • Beyond the nuclear family
  • unschooling (not only the kids, but the whole family)
  • Green living as a family
  • Sustainable faith
  • Home education revisited
  • Anti-authoritarian home

This list can go on forever. We would like to know if you have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, questions et cetera.  


the monastic orders of the white men

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As Andrew Jones mentioned on one of his recent posts on his blog, us here in the Mustard Seed House are in conversations about monastic orders and what/how that would look in our urban context here in Seattle and on what will be in the future a Celtic flavored new monastic retreat/intentional rural community in Camano Island, WA.

My involvement and interest on monastic orders comes from a practitioners point of view, as someone who’ve been involve in different ways community living most of his life. This conversation about “new, missional” monastic orders is not new. A simple google search will provide plentiful of links regarding the subject. What is interesting to me is that it is happening mostly among white, middle age men.

In case some of you might have not notice, our Emerging World is multi-cultural. By retaining the euro-centric, enlightenment view of privilege discourse western Christians show not only their disconnection with reality but also their blindness and arrogance toward a fully expression of the Communitas of God.

If we really believe in a movement toward a whole life expression of discipleship and faith, we should embrace the gifts of diverse voices and praxis coming from many worlds and cultures, as the Zapatistas say “a world where many worlds are possible.”
The rumble of the drums and the joyful voices of our brothers and sisters from the Emerging World are getting louder and louder each minute. With all due respect, dear brothers and sisters from the west and north, you’ve been speaking for quite awhile. Now it is your time to show some humility and listen.


Affirmations to live by

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Mustard Seed Affirmations for a Whole Life Faith
Do you want to join with others in the mustard seed network to encourage the growth of God’s mustard seed all over the world? If so, consider joining MSA friends by creating a discipline of life that enables you, in community with others, to become a whole life disciple of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to use this as a tool to design your own rule of life that will enable you to join in community with your MSA friends all over the world. We would be interested in learning the discipline you create for yourself and how it enables you to more consistently follow Jesus in your entire life 24/7.


Life Focus
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to follow Jesus making God’s purposes my purposes by relinquishing all the self-interested aspirations of modern culture.
RULE To implement this affirmation I will draft a personal, biblical mission statement and use it to help focus my life in a way that reflects the purposes and values of God’s kingdom.


Whole Life Faith
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to embrace a whole life faith and turn from a compartmentalized faith that has little to do with my stressed, fractured daily life or with the purposes of God’s kingdom.
RULE I will use my mission statement to shape every part of my life, freeing up as much time and resource as possible to invest in the advance of God’s kingdom.


Witness & Service
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to demonstrate that the good life of God is the life given away by putting others’ needs ahead of my own.
RULE I will give regular expression to my mission statement by inviting God to use my mustard seed to make a difference in the world either through my work time or my discretionary time and by becoming an advocate for the marginalized.


Personal Spirituality

AFFIRMATION This day I choose to embrace a life growing in my intimacy, knowledge and trust in the triune God by turning away from my distracted and spiritually barren life.
RULE I will create and follow a daily discipline which includes prayer, mediation and/or reflection on scripture as well as participating in periodic retreats for renewal and prayer.


Worship & Celebration
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to join others in worshipping the living God with my entire life turning from a culture that fears to acknowledge God.
RULE I will embrace a lifestyle of worship that includes regular participation with others in which we praise God and celebrate the hopeful in-breaking of God’s new order into our lives and God’s world.


AFFIRMATION This day I choose to seek community, support and accountability turning away from an unaccountable life and an individualistic faith.
RULE I will find and join a small group of the followers of Jesus where I will seek to be known, loved and held accountable for every aspect of my life.


Mustard Seed Community
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to join with mustard seed friends all over the world by rejecting narrow culturally conforming views of Christian faith and affirming the importance of anticipating new opportunities, dreaming new dreams and creating new ways to advance God’s mustard seed plantings in our lives, communities, and God’s world.



Not Your Father’s Commune

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Not Your Father’s Commune

by Tom Sine

A group of young Methodists are putting their faith in ‘co-housing’

From re:generation quarterly.

While some North American congregations spend vast sums on expanding physical plants, their next generation is asking, “Is this all there is?” These young people are unwilling to let modernity arrange most of the furniture of life, while faith is reduced to a trivial diversion on the edges. They don’t want to compartmentalize their faith–even if it’s a large, well-furnished compartment with an indoor swimming pool and a food court. They want a church that is actually connected to the rest of lives–or better yet, a church that actually shapes their lives.

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