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Friendship trips vs. mission trips

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“Greenbelt” like Festival Survey

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Some of you are aware of the fantastic Greenbelt Festival in the UK. For the past months I’ve been part of the planning for something similar here in North America. A group of us have put together a survey in a way to listen to wider range of important diverse voices as we continue with the phase 2 of this project.The following is a short description and a link to the survey. It will only take you 10-15 min. Your input is very valuable. Survey Link 

The festival may feature:

Art & Creativitylots of good music, visual arts, dance, participatory

Justice & Missiongreen, organic, immigration, poverty, peace, race, etc.

Worshipnew & emerging, denominational, and festival-wide services

Spiritualitycentering practices and disciplines that deepen spiritual life

Communityall ages, kids & families, safe spaces, economy of generosity

Learningteaching each other how-to, workshops, theology, learning commons

—We’re putting together a festival that’ s unique, real, transformative and fun! We would really like your opinions as we take the next step in creating the festival. The festival was created by a diverse design team – half people of color, half white, half women, half men from all across North America.

Check it out! The festival is your adventure – you write the script, you decide how you want to participate and contribute. Curious about music that connects your creative energies and yearnings for spiritual connection? We hope to have bands like… Sufjan Stevens, Derek Webb, Jennifer Knapp, Briertone, Starflyer 59, Woven Hand, Jeremy Enigk, Ulali, Janni, Harvard University Kuumba Singers (Gospel), Lakita, Jars of Clay, Moby, and Tye Tribbett.

Our hope is that the festival will have an impact on North American culture – a gathering so different that it makes a whole new something available in North America. It will bring together a unique and diverse mix of people, offer something that is transformative for individuals, help people explore living out their spirituality or faith in the world – through social activism and green living – and help make fresh expressions of Christianity available to a broader range of people. Social justice and high quality music will be at the core – music for a variety of audiences. We’re expecting that one-third to one-half of the participants will be people of color, half in their 20’s, one-fourth in their 30’s, one-fifth “spiritual but not religious” and folks from a wide variety of Christian faiths and other traditions.

Please take a moment to complete the survey. Your opinions are really important to us!

Just click on the survey link – Survey Link 


Listening to the Emerging World

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Instead of playing the wink’em game and doing another book report (oh… you know what I’m talking about), why not pay attention to what the Emerging World has to tell us?

World Social Forum

More news of hope and transformation from the past US Social Forum – This is what happens when people in the USA listen to the voices from Emerging World.


You are invited

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House Concert with Tracy Howe of the Restoration Village

Host: Mustard Seed Associates
When? Saturday, November 3, 2007 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Where? Shafer-Baillie Mansion 907 14th Ave E Seattle, WA
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Come for a concert at the Shafer Baillie Mansion in Capitol Hill to benefit Mustard Seed Associates and the Restoration Village.

For more info on Tracy and Restoration Village, visit

Suggested donation: $10


missionary language

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him – Your english is so good. You see, language is so important it open doors no matter where you are. If people come here and learn our language they’ll have more opportunities.

me – (rolling my eyes) so… where are you going as a missionary?

him – I’m going to Kenya to teach missionary kids.

me – oh … so you are learning Swahili or any of the tribal languages?

him – No, I don’t need to learn their language I will be teaching missionary kids, in English.


Affirmations to live by

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Mustard Seed Affirmations for a Whole Life Faith
Do you want to join with others in the mustard seed network to encourage the growth of God’s mustard seed all over the world? If so, consider joining MSA friends by creating a discipline of life that enables you, in community with others, to become a whole life disciple of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to use this as a tool to design your own rule of life that will enable you to join in community with your MSA friends all over the world. We would be interested in learning the discipline you create for yourself and how it enables you to more consistently follow Jesus in your entire life 24/7.


Life Focus
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to follow Jesus making God’s purposes my purposes by relinquishing all the self-interested aspirations of modern culture.
RULE To implement this affirmation I will draft a personal, biblical mission statement and use it to help focus my life in a way that reflects the purposes and values of God’s kingdom.


Whole Life Faith
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to embrace a whole life faith and turn from a compartmentalized faith that has little to do with my stressed, fractured daily life or with the purposes of God’s kingdom.
RULE I will use my mission statement to shape every part of my life, freeing up as much time and resource as possible to invest in the advance of God’s kingdom.


Witness & Service
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to demonstrate that the good life of God is the life given away by putting others’ needs ahead of my own.
RULE I will give regular expression to my mission statement by inviting God to use my mustard seed to make a difference in the world either through my work time or my discretionary time and by becoming an advocate for the marginalized.


Personal Spirituality

AFFIRMATION This day I choose to embrace a life growing in my intimacy, knowledge and trust in the triune God by turning away from my distracted and spiritually barren life.
RULE I will create and follow a daily discipline which includes prayer, mediation and/or reflection on scripture as well as participating in periodic retreats for renewal and prayer.


Worship & Celebration
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to join others in worshipping the living God with my entire life turning from a culture that fears to acknowledge God.
RULE I will embrace a lifestyle of worship that includes regular participation with others in which we praise God and celebrate the hopeful in-breaking of God’s new order into our lives and God’s world.


AFFIRMATION This day I choose to seek community, support and accountability turning away from an unaccountable life and an individualistic faith.
RULE I will find and join a small group of the followers of Jesus where I will seek to be known, loved and held accountable for every aspect of my life.


Mustard Seed Community
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to join with mustard seed friends all over the world by rejecting narrow culturally conforming views of Christian faith and affirming the importance of anticipating new opportunities, dreaming new dreams and creating new ways to advance God’s mustard seed plantings in our lives, communities, and God’s world.



Where in the world is God calling you to serve?

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Drs. Tom and Christine Sine speak about issues time and simplicity in order to allow for time in service.