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How to Do It Yourself :: The DIY Liberation Guide

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How to Do It Yourself :: The DIY Liberation Guide
Walk out, get free stuff, toss a flower bomb. Simple steps for day-to-day liberation. Go ahead: free your world.

Believe me, you want to download this poster.

The DIY Liberation Guide



spoken word – my people

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frozen people

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A relational network of Anglicans engaging emerging church and mission.


Art & Spirituality

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In August 2006 a young man entered the sanctuary at the church where I work (Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral) and vandalized various of the liturgical symbols.  I had my camera with me at the time and had the opportunity to take some photos of the aftermath.
Last month a fellow artist contacted me about collaborating in a writing piece regarding art and spirituality and using some of my photos of that event at the church.
The following is a link to the PDF version of the article written by Michelle Draper Lorton published in the Episcopal Voice, the monthly newspaper for the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia in WA.  
Art and Spirituality. 


Alternatives to Spray Paint: Try Mud Stencils!

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Alternatives to Spray Paint: Try Mud Stencils!  

Milwaukee-based artist Jesse Graves created a number of mud stencils that he recently put up on sidewalks and the sides of buildings. Below is his “how-to-guide”and a link to his website with more images.


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the walls are alive

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a how-to-graffitti guide