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Friendship trips vs. mission trips

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Letter from Fidel Castro to the people of Cuba

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Comandante Fidel is no saint but he have been a great inspiration for many people dreaming of a new reality and the possibilities of a just society.


To my dearest compatriots, who have recently honored me so much by electing me a member of the Parliament where so many agreements should be adopted of utmost importance to the destiny of our Revolution, I am saying that I will neither aspire to nor accept, I repeat, I will neither aspire to nor accept the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief.


spoken word – my people

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we want change

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Dear Sen. Obama,

Puerto Rico have been a colony of the USA for 110 years. 110 years! We are practically the oldest colony in the world. That’s quite shameful.

We want change. Puerto Rico want change. We have the right for self-determination. Are you going to stand up for that right, against an oppressive colonial system?

I’m listening…


Spreads Housing and Social Change Across Uruguay

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FUCVAM (Uruguayan Federation of Housing for Mutual-Support Cooperatives) Spreads Housing and Social Change Across Uruguay by Michael Fox
It’s a social movement and a housing cooperative. A massive self-help program for the poor and a new way of life for thousands. With 20,000 member-families living in cooperatively owned homes in 400 communities across the country, it is one of the largest and most radical housing cooperative federations in the Americas.

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es lo que lleva en el alma todo aquel cuando se aleja. 


Freedom to Learn :: Unitierra in Oaxaca by Gustavo Esteva

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Freedom to Learn :: Unitierra in Oaxaca by Gustavo Esteva

We have learned, with the Zapatistas, that while changing the world is very difficult, perhaps impossible, it is possible to create a whole new world. 

So we created our university, Unitierra. Young men and women without any diploma, and better yet no schooling, can come to us. They learn whatever they want to learn—practical trades, like urban agriculture, video production, or social research, or fields of study, like philosophy or communication. They learn the skills of the trade or field of study as apprentices of someone practicing those activities. They also learn how to learn with modern tools and practices not available in their communities. Read more…