The Revolution starts at home

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The Revolution starts at home is the title for the workshop my family will be facilitating at The New Conspirators conference, or better yet Festival of the Imagination. Our purpose will be to share a bit of how do we embodied the revolutionary and radical teachings of Jesus in our everyday life at home.  More than been talking heads to the participants, we will engage in mutual invitation for collaboration and creative dreaming on how we become practitioners of Kingdom values as a family.One of the situations I find interesting is how detached we can become from been faithful disciples among those we live with.  As a former missionary and someone who’ve worked with churches and other religious hobby-horses I’ve encounter that in spite of our outward expression of spirituality and piety we can be violent and oppressive in our homes.Because this topic is so broad, we are having bit of difficulty prioritizing out topics for conversation and discussion. Some of them are:

  • Undermining oppression at home (Sexism, racism, patriarchy)
  • Decoding cultural message at home (the power of media, myth of the perfect wife and perfect husband)
  • Living simply with kids
  • Family as part of intentional communities
  • Beyond the nuclear family
  • unschooling (not only the kids, but the whole family)
  • Green living as a family
  • Sustainable faith
  • Home education revisited
  • Anti-authoritarian home

This list can go on forever. We would like to know if you have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, questions et cetera.  


3 Responses to “The Revolution starts at home”

  1. nice list, wish I could be there

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  3. nice pic!!! whered you get it???

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