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This is a visual reminder as a way to help you think next time you say the word Americans in reference to USA citizens.

These are the Americas. Therefore everyone who live here from South to North and North to South are Americans.


This… is only a part of America.



5 Responses to “Americanos”

  1. But American is really a shorten form of United State of America. Somehow US citizens does not ring so Americans is better. All the other countries have better names for their citizens.
    The UK has the same problem we are called British which strictly means the Irish citizens as well. England is not a country so we are not English. United Kindomians just does not have the right feel. So we end up with British.
    I know what you are really saying here though. The whole world can claim to be American – why?? because every country has an American population except Vatican city (I think)

  2. On behalf of Irish people, I would like to point out that people from the Republic of Ireland are certainly not British. Most Irish people, given our history are offended when referred to as British citizens.


  4. you say in not so long words what I always try to tell the people who call them self americans for be USA citicents they are wrong. you are telling the truth USA is not the only country in America.

  5. I call them unitedstatans, and their country actually has no name of it’s own.

    In Mexico we call them gringos for when they invaded and stole our territory, the mexicans would tell the military “green-go!”

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