In Community, emerging church, hospitality, northwest, Personal, Seattle on March 12, 2007 by Eliacín

After living for almost 2 years here in Seattle, I’m still amazed by how nice people are. People hold doors for pregnant woman and erdearly ladies. At the coffee shop people smile and greet each other politely. Even drivers trying to get out of Seattle at rush hour are nice.

But niceness is not the same as interest, as caring for one another, as community. The lingo of community is often over used. But niceness and community are not the same thing. Community is more than a nice welcome at a venue, or a smile at a line. Community is more than a wave and a shake of hand when I visit your office or a an offer of free coffee when I visit your church.

Would you notice if I’m gone, would it make a difference if I’m not there? Would you miss my presence? Would you care to know where I am? How am I? If not, then you’ve been very nice, but please do not call it community.


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