I will draw all

In Gospel, inclusivity, interfaith, Prayer, Religion, sexuality, Social Justice, Spirituality on February 27, 2007 by Eliacín

Have you noticed Jesus says, “I will draw all,” not, “I will draw some.” I will draw — I will draw all — all — all will become insiders. None is an outsider in this family. All. All. Black, white, red, yellow, rich, poor, educated, not educated, beautiful, not so beautiful, male, female, young, old, gay, lesbian, so-called straight –All.

All belong. Jew, Palestinian, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, secularist — all — all — all — all are held in this incredible embrace, this wide embrace with a love that will not let anyone go — with a love that is unchanging and unchangeable. mother might forget the child she bore, but I won’t. I won’t forget you. I won’t forget you, you are so precious, and I hold you — I hold you like a mother dangling a precious only child against her breast,” and God does that — God does that. Do you know God does that for everyone? God does that for every single one.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, May 15 2006, Evensong at Saint Mark’s Cathedral

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One Response to “I will draw all”

  1. Do you happen to know where in the Bible he is referring to when he makes this statement?
    And also, recently I have been praying and hoping that this is actually true, however, I am not quite ready to accept this. Being in the Evangelical churches is something that really has a deep impact on your formation. And though I am always looking at what I believe and sometimes changing views, it is a really hard thing to do.

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