Report from the School for Conversion P.1

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2007 by Eliacín

Report from the School for Conversion P.1

I made it to San Francisco. I think the place named after Saint Francis is the perfect place to gather a group of people interested in discussing new monasticism.

I am staying in one of the 4 houses owned by Church of the Sojouners. This one is an old style row house, next to what they called The Monastery, because in it’s beginning it’s there where only single guys living on it. But that didn’t last long. There is one more house about a block from here and another one about 8 blocks away.

The group is quite inter-generational, which I was excited to see. I was even more excited when some people in the house started to converse with me in Spanish. This community is located in the Mission District which is mostly a Latino neighborhood.

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