In neighborhood, rant, Religion, Seattle, Washington on January 28, 2007 by Eliacín

As I sit at Cloud City Coffee in our neighborhood trying to write something for my friend Tom Sine, I overheard a couple Christian brothers in a very “christian” conversation. How do I know they were Christians? By their talk.

Here are a few words you want to drop if you want people to know you are religious or some kind Christian –

– blessing

– praise be the lord

– small group

– fellowship

– powerful

– blessed

– witness

– jesus(lots of it)

– beautiful prayer (powerful, annointed can also be use)

– a misquoted bible vers works as well as a well quoted one when the people around can’t tell teh difference

– pastor danny (“I call him danny because he is really down to earth.”)

– care group (same as small group but probably more intentional)

– intentional

– coffee hour

– out to brunch group

– sunday class

– progressive (but in a negative way)


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