Globalization Has Increased the Wealth Gap

In Current Affairs, globalization, Politics, Social Justice on January 15, 2007 by Eliacín

Globalization Has Increased the Wealth Gap

Globalization was meant to be the great equalizer. Goods would flow easily across borders. Standards of living in poor countries would be raised. Governments would become more stable. Instead it has brought citizen protests, greater economic disparities between first- and third-world nations, and a complex trade regime that may well benefit only the richest in richest countries. What went wrong?In his new book, “Making Globalization Work,” Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz argues that the special interests of governments, corporations, and international organizations like the IMF and the World Bank have thrown globalization off its proper path. But he doesnt stop there. He offers a practical vision for making globalization the equalizing force he believes it was always meant to be.


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