the new-monasticism of my parents

In Family, new monasticism, Personal, Spirituality on January 1, 2007 by Eliacín

My parents taught me a lot about simplicity and hospitality. Our simplicity was not by choice, we lived with less because less was what we could afford. My father worked all his working years as a proletariat worker at a mattress factory, where his hard work and loyalty were taken for granted for 38 years. My mother stayed at home, working hard taking care of all the only meat we can afford.

Our house in el barrio La Plena en Juana Diaz was a place of sanctuary for many members of our extended family. Tio Elias, Tio Diblas, Tio Jimmy, Tio Adalis & Titi Hilda were just some of my relatives who always found a place to sleep, relax, vent, laugh, cry and eat at our house.

I remember seeing my mother every morning with her old bible in her lap mumbling as she read and prayed. My father woke up early every morning and prayed on his knees by the bed, something he still do, except that now he sits , because of his arthritis on his knees make it impossible to kneel.

Now as I try to live a life of simplicity, hospitality and spirituality I realize how bless I was to have the the new-monasticism of my parents as a model and example to pass along to my kids.


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