In Family, Personal on November 23, 2006 by Eliacín

Gracias for new found uncertainties and hope.

Gracias for my wife, who is my stronghold, my muse and conspirator in faith adventures.

Gracias for my daughter, whom is teaching me the simplicity of faith and love of life.

Gracias for my my father, who turns 60 today. He is one of my favorite saints and have taught me the meaning of dignity, hard work, grace and faith.

Gracias for my mother, who just finished her 3rd round of chemo-therapy with a wonderful spirit and a great sense of humor.

Gracias for my lil’ sis, who have become a very strong woman.

Gracias for my nephew, who no matter how long it’s been since we saw each other is always willing and eager to wrestle and play tickle fight.

Gracias for my best friend, who is learning the fine art of fatherhood in a very challenging way.

Gracias for another one of my best friends, who is finding grace in the middle of his struggle.

Gracias for our community, in which we learn together the messiness and blessings of living together.

Gracias for people to look up to.

Gracias for a good eye sight to read and see my little one smile.

Gracias for the opportunity to experience advent in a real way as we expect our second baby to be born close to Christmas day.


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