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In Art, Religion, Spirituality, Washington on November 21, 2006 by Eliacín

The Kindlings Muse » “The Kindlings”

Featured interviews – Anne Lamott, Bishop N.T Wright, Anne Rice, and many others.

Kindling: material to light a fire; to produce warmth & an illuminating glow.

Muse: to spark one’s creative thought; engage in meditation; to consider thoughtfully.

We are a community of thoughtful creatives desiring communication that provides illumination for our journey.

In a media age characterized by the confluence of polarization & trivialization, The Kindlings Muse is an intelligent, imaginative, hospitable exploration of ideas that matter most in contemporary life as sparked through our personal journeys and through our shared cultural experience in art, movies, books, music and events.

We host events including The Kindlings Muse, which features a live audience and round-table of thoughtful creatives and gadflies discussing ideas, beliefs and values shaping life today and originating from the center of the universe, Seattle’s Fremont District, at Hales Ales Brewery & Pub every Monday night at 7pm. For more information contact:

We also produce The Kindlings Muse Podcast and the nationally syndicated The Kindlings Muse Radio Show (September 2006).

Regular Features Include:

  • “Belief” Understanding your life through today’s movies, books and music.
  • “Staublog” Cultural Commentary
  • “Journeys” Interviews with Cultural Influencers.
  • “The Times” Newspaper Kindling
  • “Homespun” Poets, Musicians, Writers Share their Stuff.

The Kindlings Muse is hosted by Dick Staub, whose award winning signature interviews have been described as a “cross between Studs Terkel, Jon Stewart and Charlie Rose.” A veteran talk show host, “The Dick Staub Show” first appeared locally in Seattle at King Broadcasting in 1987 and in 1991 moved to Chicago as a nationally syndicated, afternoon drive, radio talk show until his recent return to Seattle. After years of interviewing the shapers of American culture-authors, business leaders, educators, politicians, futurists, theologians, filmmakers, musicians and trend-watchers – Dick Staub is emerging as one of today’s most experienced and thoughtful observers of ideas in contemporary culture.

“Actually goes to the trouble to book guests who have something to say.” – Chicago Sun Times
“Erudite, with a wide range of interests and a balanced, centrist approach to issues.” -Chicago Tribune


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