U.S. involvement sparks dispute in Nicaragua

In America Latina on November 4, 2006 by Eliacín

U.S. involvement sparks dispute in Nicaragua

U.S. pressure played a key role in the 1990 election when Ortega was toppled from power by war-weary voters and it helped block his return in the past two presidential votes.

Interference in Nicaragua goes back long before Ortega. Some of the first U.S. boots to march here belonged to the ragtag mercenary army of illegal military adventurer William Walker, who briefly declared himself Nicaragua’s president in 1856.

Washington deployed Marines here in the early 1900s and deposed unfriendly presidents.

"We threw rocks at William Walker — we should do the same now," Estrada muttered. "They always interfere in our elections. They act as if we’re illiterate."


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