Nicaragua – Give Ortega a chance

In America Latina on November 3, 2006 by Eliacín

Give Ortega a chance, say many poor Nicaraguans

A couple of blocks from Nicaragua’s shiny new presidential palace, Rosa Galan shares a cardboard-lined metal bed with her two daughters in a tiny dirt-floor shack.

They are one of hundreds of families that squat in wood and scrap metal shelters inside the dank shells of once-grandiose buildings toppled by a 1972 earthquake and never rebuilt. Galan earns $3 a day scrubbing clothes in an alleyway, using water from a municipal pipe.

Like many poor Nicaraguans, Galan will vote for leftist Daniel Ortega on Sunday in a presidential vote that could usher the Sandinistas back to power after years of free market reforms by pro-Washington governments.


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