In America Latina on October 30, 2006 by Eliacín

struggle in Oaxaca began on May 22 when Section 22 of the teachers
union went out on strike. On June 14, the governor, Ulises Ruiz,
brutally repressed the teachers with a mobilization of several thousand
police. Several teachers and other protestors were killed. In response
the masses of people from all sectors joined to form a peaceful
resistance under the banner of APPO, "The Popular Assembly of the
Peoples of Oaxaca." (see interview with Gilberto López y Rivas)

Oaxaca’s people’s movement has garnered widespread support
throughout Mexico and the world, but the Mexican government has been
preparing for a brutal takeover of the city. 

The people of Oaxaca have been on constant vigil, with barricades,
independent radio and video transmission, to prevent a violent police
attack. At one point they marched to Mexico City as the Mexican
military was planning an assault.

This weekend, a new wave of repression began by the state forces.
After the teachers union voted to return to work, the government began
to move in for an all-assault.

On Friday, Oct. 27, a group of rightwing paramilitaries and police
attacked and fired shots at the people; New York independent journalist
Brad Will was shot to death. Several other people have been killed
since Oct. 27.

Read More – Mexico : oaxaca.


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