note to self

In Personal on September 30, 2006 by Eliacín

Am I free from the prison of the past?


When is the moment that I could cross to the other side of life in order to
really live it? Experience is and not simply be toss around by the winds of

I should find life for myself and not just believe the myths.

Jesus did not come to give me religion or orthodoxy but to give me life.

Play more.


Write. Learn to write better.

Explore more.

Live intentional. Be less of a victim.

What would I change if I were told that I am dying?

Let go of the pain and anger against fundamentalists.


Am I taking life for granted?

Am I taking my family and their love for granted?

I need to spend more time outside.

Write and talk to friends more often.

Read great books. Not just good books, but great ones.

Worry less.

Enjoy work, but does not it define me.

Add more art to my life.

Turn off the TV.

Eat just one serving.

Be less strict with my daughter.


Listen to my wife more.

Tell my parents that I love them.

Do not let the domination system set the rhythm for your life.



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