Jesus Camp

In Film, Personal, Politics, Puerto Rico, Religion on September 21, 2006 by Eliacín

As a former evangelical missionary who worked in "christian camping" I am very interested in taking a look at this up coming film Jesus Camp.


The film focuses on three children, Rachael, Levi, and Tory, all of
whom were between the ages of 9 and 12 during the filming. There are
also extensive segments with Becky Fischer, the children’s pastor who runs the camp. Jesus Camp
follows the three children through Fischer’s summer camp as they listen
to and experience the doctrines of Christian evangelicalism, including
"ending abortion in America." [3] Additionally, there is a debate between Fischer and Mike Papantonio (an attorney and a radio talk-show host for Air America Radio‘s Ring of Fire). [4] [5]

I still remember the breakdown, the time when everything chattered and I realized my own sins in neo-pharisaism. This will not be a fun film to watch because I am certain that it will open up again my healing wounds from my fundamentalist past.



One Response to “Jesus Camp”

  1. Eliacin, I just privately screened this film last night. It absolutely opened up the old and now-healing wounds and criticisms I held against Christianity.
    It’s worth watching.

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