Mojitos, Lechon Asado & Celia Cruz

In America Latina, Personal, Puerto Rico on September 3, 2006 by Eliacín

                "Todos vuelven a la tierra en que nacieron; al embrujo
                incomparable de su sol. Todos vuelven al rincón de

              donde salieron: donde acaso floreció más de un amor."

Todos vuelven is a song by Panamanian singer Ruben Blades in which he describes the nostalgic desire to return back to one’s homeland.  The feeling of incompleteness that one can feel in being in an strange place and an outcast is in constant tension with the reasons in which one is away from one’s country. Been it a better life, more opportunities for progress, family ties, there is always that añoranza of volver a la patria que lo vio nacer.

Last night while enjoying a Lechon Asado dinner, drinking some Mojitos and listening to some old Salsa by Celia Cruz I was taken back to the family and community celebrations in el barrio La Plena , my old ‘hood. Raising a bi-racial family in the USA has make me look deep down to what I celebrate and hold as wonderful values from my culture. The values of community, generosity, hospitality, love for la Patria ,  celebration, strong family relations seem to be almost subversive values in the individualistic, selfish, private and utilitarian market driven culture of the USA.


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