In Current Affairs, Social Justice on November 24, 2005 by Eliacín

Buy Nothing Day.

Ten things  to do tomorrow in celebration of BND:

1. Give flowers to strangers on the street.

2. Set up a hug tent, and give hugs for free.

3. Pack some snacks, get some comfy shoes on long walk.

4. Grab your camera and go urban hike.

5. Search for those all board games you have in the attic and invite your friends over for a game day.

6. Pack a reflective book and take a retreat day in the woods.

7. Pack some food and clothes and take a day getting to know some homeless friends around your town.

8. Organize your wardrobe and give away half of your clothing away.

9. Cut your credit cards, make a pot of coffee and read a good book of poetry.

10. Take an honest inventory of your material possessions and your reasons why to have them, re-evaluate your soul, and set up a plan to simplify your life.



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