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good food and great company tonight at the Mustard Seed House BBQ



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giving a try


here no more

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I’m moving my blog to:

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Why a rule of life you might ask?

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The MSA team has just been on a 2 day retreat. It was wonderful to get away to relax, refresh and to refocus our lives. The main purpose of the retreat was to brainstorm about developing an MSA rule of life. Here are some of our thoughts on where we are at in the process. I would appreciate any comments that you might have. We recognize that this will always be a rather fluid document that is still very much in its infancy so it will continue to change and develop over the next few months.

Why a rule of life you might ask? We sense that God’s spirit is currently speaking through many voices about the need for a more embodied, incarnational faith and we want to join in what God is doing. Developing a rule of life seems to be an important step in that process. According to the Northumbria Community, “a Rule of life expresses ‘who we are, this is our story’ and reminds us of those things God has put on our heart, and calls us back to the story that God has written as foundational.”

Read mure at Mustard Seed Associates » Why a rule of life you might ask? »


Friendship trips vs. mission trips

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emerging stories

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 Wanna share your stories?

Thomas Knoll will create a fringe collaborative publishing house if 20 people commit to writing a book on the platform.

Check this out – emerging stories


How to Do It Yourself :: The DIY Liberation Guide

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How to Do It Yourself :: The DIY Liberation Guide
Walk out, get free stuff, toss a flower bomb. Simple steps for day-to-day liberation. Go ahead: free your world.

Believe me, you want to download this poster.

The DIY Liberation Guide